The Easter Bunny Franchise

easter bunny 2017It’s almost Easter. While some children trip up over whether Santa is real or not, my struggle has always been the Easter Bunny. Santa is pretty standardized, a round man in a red suit with a beard. He shows up in malls and at parties, has a sack and reindeer and delivers presents through the chimney on the evening of December 24.

The Easter Bunny can be wildly different — a real bunny, a tall talking bunny in a suit, a bow tie, no bow tie, a basket. Sometimes there is an egg hunt, sometimes the eggs are just on the kitchen table. Egg hunts take place over a four-day period and the eggs themselves are of vastly different qualities. Where does the bunny live? How come his eggs are the same as the ones at the store? Why do we trap bunnies when they move into the golf course but let them bring eggs? Do bunnies even lay eggs?

These are questions that inquisitive children might ask. It’s worth being ready with an answer.

Santa is part of the Santa Corporation. He owns the supply chain with production (elves and North Pole), logistics (sleigh and reindeer) and delivery system (mall Santas, letters and emails). He provides a mostly standardized experience across the country and around the world. Like any successful corporation he adapts to local customs, but the root of Santa is the same. Santa is like IKEA or Coca-Cola — almost identical worldwide.

Conversely, the Easter Bunny is part of a loosely affiliated franchise model. They share a name, but each franchise owner is responsible for a particular area and family. So that’s why if you travel, the Easter Bunny might come twice. That’s why your friends might get toys and you only get chocolate eggs. Each bunny sources his own treats. It’s also why every Subway is slightly different even in the same town.

Sometimes you get a particularly diligent Easter Bunny that hand paints eggs and has specific, age-appropriate gifts for everyone and you get a lazy bunny that just throws handfuls of chocolate eggs on the floor or comes after you have woken up and after you mom and dad snuck off to call the Easter Bunny because they didn’t leave a door open for him/her to enter.

So give your children a bit of a business lesson and give yourself a bit of a break if you forgot to hand paint anything. Just like your child did, Santa will show up in nine short months!